BRIDGE Interfaith Alliance

Reverend Corey Brown is the founder of the BRIDGE Interfaith Alliance.  The vision of the alliance is to create and foster healthy relationships among all faith, particularly the Abrahamic faiths.  Corey aka “Rev” wants the ignorance and fear preventing a true coalition of faiths working together to make the world a better place for humankind.  While serving as a Protestant minister, “Rev” is a practicing Buddhist.  Corey’s military career was dedicated to serving G-d and country and upon answering the call to minister, “Rev” believes that he is called to serve G-d and humankind.  Ultimately the vision is for a campus of faith, a “Sanctuary” at which all of the Abrahamic faiths.  This campus will afford the faiths to learn, worship and serve within the practices of their faiths, while teaching and demonstrating to all that love and social justice are the key to a better world.

“Rev” believes that the LORD’s purpose for humankind is much larger than denominations and religious practices and it lies in the alliance of the faiths, hence the BRIDGE Interfaith Alliance.  The BRIDGE symbolizes crossing the chasms of fear, ignorance, miseducation, and extremism to reach a more symbiotic relationship between the faiths of the world.

The BRIDGE Interfaith Alliance welcomes all faiths, including those outside the Abrahamic faith.  There are only three conditions, intolerance will not be tolerated; respect the views and faith of others; and there is zero tolerance for advocating violence or causing harm to others because of beliefs.  Blessings. Amitofo. Peace to you, my brothers and sisters around the world.

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