The Pendulum of Democracy in the U.S.

By Corey L. Brown

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A pendulum swings in what is called period motion.  This means that the motion is regular and repeating.  I chose this object and its motion because it reflects the democracy of the U.S., swinging from liberalism to conservatism.  The only problem is this motion becomes more and more exaggerated with each swing.  Most recently with the election of #45 in the 2016 Presidential election, the pendulum has swung higher and further in the direction of conservatism.  The issue right now is the pendulum is being set up to swing much higher from the other direction following the next midterm direction.  The biggest issue here in America is that we are not a true democracy, our capitalist corporations play much bigger roles in manipulating our politics and those claiming to be servants to the people.  Although they think the political parties are in control, the mega-corporations and markets significantly influence the way we do business in the global world today.  As we are no longer and isolated economy, we can not expect our government to be isolated or to isolate our country from the world using physical walls, taxes and tariffs, etc. What we as a country need to do is to acknowledge that we need a government and leaders that can think strategically and beyond their next election.  We need to stop allowing corporations hijack our government, worse yet, our Constitution to do their bidding and to line the pockets of their investors. I do not think there is a quick fix to this and is going to require participation by the citizens of this country to help decrease the swinging of the pendulum.  We will never be able to completely stop the swing but we can lessen the height at which it swings in each direction.

Any ideas?

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