Are You Building a Tower of Babel?


Has the Christian religion in America become the new Tower of Babel? Are the practices, decrees, and even physical buildings the new claim to show that we are greater than the Creator?  During the past nearly two years in America, Christianity has been in a position to prove to those leaving the faith that it had a heart and a soul, with compassion, able to love and empathize with humanity.  I must say that American Christianity has had ample opportunity to prove this to be the case, but has failed miserably.  As of this writing, the most recent failure has been in the issuance of the Nashville statement by a group of conservative, evangelical Christians, with the intent of clarifying the Southern Baptist stance on LGBTQ+ rights.  Not surprisingly, the sect of Protestantism decided to choose the path they have always been on.  Looking back, it’s amazing to see how the Westboro Baptists ( of Kentucky, previously shunned by mainstream Baptists, were already towing the line of hatred, and yes, that is their domain name!

Our churches and religious organizations have built towers, showing G-d who’s boss!  Around this same time, Joel Osteen’s church was placed in a position to show the compassion of the church in times of trouble and it was only through severe public pressure that they conceded to open their doors to welcome the people of Houston displaced by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. To add insult to injury, they held a service with the refugees and the volunteers and had the audacity to pass around offering baskets during that service.  Not only did they fail, but they proved that their shallow theology was not enough for them to understand what truly being a church means.  The prosperity gospel programming will always be priority in Lakewood Church.  I would be interested in how the refugees from the flood were treated to be able to accommodate the September 3rd worship services.

If your church is not teaching you more theology than can be put on a church sign, it’s probably time to move on and find another church that can teach you how to be a part of something much bigger than the Tower of Babel project, which will fail.  G-d will confound humanity and will show us how to be humble, by humbling us.


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