If You Don’t Give A D@mn, How Can You Have Charity?


Many people who claim to be Christians really get into the giving spirit this time of year.  This is the time of year when the church doors are open to the homeless sleeping on the church doorsteps to provide them a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.  But as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 26th, all bets are off.  The giving spirit leaves even quicker than it came.

For many Christians, it starts at around Thanksgiving, but as we have seen in America, it’s all about “every man for himself.”  The wealthiest Americans have more money than they can spend in most cases and I don’t begrudge them for that.  What I do blame them for is the lack of empathy and compassion that comes with their attachment to wealth and their possessions.  So, as those in control of our government position themselves and their friends for increased gains, Western Christian Evangelicals convince the wealthy that it’s okay to not care because that’s G-d’s job and if someone is going without, it’s G-d’s Will for them.  In some cases, poverty and even illness have been designated as symptoms of personal sin.

I don’t believe that when Christ said to take care of the “least of these,” He never meant for the poor to always remain poor.  When He said the “poor will always be with us,” He never meant for a person to experience poverty for the rest of their life.  Most people in need don’t just want you to give, they’d rather have you to give a d@mn!

Rev, out!

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