Evangelicalism Must Be Allowed to Die!


(Disclaimer: no pigs were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

I have long since argued with many fellow Christians that Evangelicalism needs to be allowed to die. Humans latch on to ideologies and dogma that have no place in the Christian faith. As a matter of fact, in doing so, we are following the ways of the Pharisees and scribes which run contrary to the teachings of Christ. Christ stood for everything anti-institutional.  Evangelicals demand the separation of church and state but only as it applies to any non-Christian faiths, only when it doesn’t impinge on their own personal salvific beliefs. The days of the faith of individual salvation and reciting magical incantations such as the Roman Road to Salvation to the “lost” has passed and incidentally should have never been.
In reading about the First Century Church of the book of Acts, the faith of the community is prioritized over the faith of the individual. Evangelicals have become so laser-focused on the individual that the idea of neighbor can only be realized in the physical, by acknowledging the worth of those that have the resources and the means to live in the exclusive gated communities occupied by the materially wealthy.  We need to do our best to get back to basics. There is nothing scriptural about Evangelicalism. This is a fairly recent concept created by white men which embodies white patriarchal Eurocentric theology.  The theology of Evangelicalism is the theology which highlights the dangers of “othering.” The idea of “loving the other” is a euphemism for marginalization and a means for continued oppression.  There are no
“others”! This keeps us from embracing the concept of the Imago Dei, that we are all created in the image of gods. Yes, that is plural because when you properly translate the Hebrew word, it is plural.  The Creation story in Genesis even quotes the Creator as saying, “Let us create humankind in our image.” I know this may seem to go beyond the scope of the discussion but Evangelicalism was never created to see the Imago Dei in each and every human being.  Just as Mack Owens states, Evangelicalism needs to be allowed to go the way of the history books, to be formally eulogized and laid to rest.  Evangelicalism has done just as much damage as it has done well to the core Christian faith.

It has been the means that justify the ends of Christianity participating in the inhumane colonization of the peoples not deemed worthy by the “self-elected chosen.”
Evangelicalism is the legion of demons that have been purged from the people and placed in the herd of swine. It is plummeting off the cliff and we need to allow them to just die in the sea, while not running off the prophets who have been responsible for calling the demons out.


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