Living UBUNTU: Day 1

Rev. Corey L. Brown, MDiv

The South African concept of UBUNTU is more than a slogan or saying. It is not simply another word for unity. Just as in many cases with many other languages, there is no direct word-for-word translation into the young American English. It is not just a feeling of togetherness or unity. Many people would simplify it to “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” The problem is that this phrase connotes choice. We cannot choose UBUNTU, UBUNTU has chosen us. UBUNTU is our destiny which was decided in the creation of humanity by the Creator. In Genesis 2:18, we gather a deeper understanding of UBUNTU, when we read that the Creator believes it is not good that adam (Hebrew translation: humanity) should be alone. My intent is to lead you on a journey of what it means to live UBUNTU and how the only choice we have is to acknowledge UBUNTU.

Blessings and peace be upon you,


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