Living UBUNTU: Day 2

Rev. Corey L. Brown, MDiv

“I Am Because We Are.” What a powerful metaphysical statement! In the Hebrew Bible, G-d tells Moses to tell the people that “I Am” sent him and in the New Covenant, Yeshua (Jesus) makes several “I Am” statements. I make this connection to show that “I Am …,” can be a bridge connecting ourselves with not only the Creator but all of Creation. When we say that we are human beings, we are defining ourselves as something apart from a plant or a non-human creature but at the same time that we are because they are plants or non-human creatures. When a man claims to be a man, this is only true because women exist. How could we define something as hot when there is no cold? Or how could we define light if there is no darkness? It is not just a matter of dichotomy or opposites, it goes to the matter of acknowledging our state of being. Life is not just about living, but more about being. This is the awakening that Yeshua spent His time on earth trying to teach us. This is not merely a Christian concept. All faiths have a component of spiritual awakening or awareness, where we move from existing to being.

Blessings and peace be upon you,


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